Men, Myth, and the Hero’s Journey with Tony Rezac 

A new online men’s group. 5 weeks. 5 modules.

Order Summary
Men, Myth, and the Hero’s Journey
Men, Myth, and the Hero’s Journey

What You Get:

  •  5 modules with Tony Rezac, men’s coach and author
  •  New tools and resources tht will make an immediate difference to you as a man.
  •  A 5-part workbook meant to inspire and capture your most important insights.
  • To be part of the ongoing, important conversations that men are having about healthy masculinity and how to live our best lives.
  •  Optional one-on-one coaching with Tony. Optional live coaching on the calls.
  • A free PDF copy of Tony’s book "Body and Soul: The Essential Handbook for Men."

Tony Rezac: workshop leader, author, and speaker

"It is my privilege to assist men in whatever way that I can. One of the hidden benefits of men’s groups is the uplifting change in narrative that men experience. We introduce mythic themes such as the Hero’s Journey. These themes have an enlivening impact on men. They always have."

 Tony Rezac